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Meet Steve and Gina Merritt

Network Marketing Masters

Steve and Gina Merritt have generated over 50 million dollars in personal income in the past eight years. By following the Merritt’s success system, over a hundred of their friends became million-dollar earners and thousands more generate 6-figures annually. Steve and Gina set out to gain a clear understanding of the industry and to create a blueprint that others could follow to achieve success.


Training network marketing leaders is our passion. We want others to be able to enjoy the same time and financial freedom that we do.


Featured Posts by Steve and Gina


5 Steps to Network Marketing Success

Face Your Fears. When Steve went to make his first call in his network marketing business, you would have thought he had seen a ghost. His hands were sweaty and shaky. Gina was less nervous. She stepped in, dialed the number and handed the phone back to Steve. “Action cures fear,” she said.



Building Dreams – The Importance of Enrolling In Network Marketing

Black Mercedes. Extravagant voyages around the world. Dream homes along the beach. We’re all familiar with the alluring signs of success in network marketing. The vision of attaining these lifestyle symbols is what draws many to our ranks.



Start With A Dream

“We’re just getting started!” Gina Merritt is excited about the next steps for that she and Steve are taking to help others achieve financial and time freedom. After retiring from a 24-year career as a flight attendant, Gina and husband Steve—a former world champion barefoot water-skier—embarked on a new career in network marketing.